Be professional postpartum doula


In 2016, the International Nursing Doula Association created a private qualification called "Nursing Doula®" that allows you to utilize your experience and knowledge as a nurse in Japan.


The course to obtain this qualification is the Nursing Doula® Training Course sponsored by the International Nursing Doula Association.

This course is the world's first "Nursing Doula® Training Course" where you can learn the basics of practicing in Japan or other countries.


As a licensed nurse, why not take advantage of your knowledge and experience and start your own practice as a "Nursing Doula®" in Japan?

Currently, this course is available to those who have obtained the Japanese Registered Nurse qualification and have at least one year of experience as a nurse.

(Currently, we are planning to expand the scope to include registered nurse qualifications in other countries.)


I would like to utilize my experience and knowledge


as a nurse to support mothers and children in their daily lives before and after childbirth.


Based on SOAP,


we want to convey to families the joy of raising children and how to live a healthy life.


Also, as someone who has lived a long life,


I would like to use my experience and knowledge


as a woman to contribute to the creation of a community that brings smiles to families' faces.


The Nursing Doula® Training Course is designed to help you become a professional postpartum doula.


Even if you have no experience in obstetrics or pediatrics, that's okay.


It's okay even if you have no experience of childbirth or child rearing.


It's okay even if you don't have any experience in visiting nursing.


"Live overseas ✈️...'' But that's okay.


Of course,


"I'm so busy with work that I can't take a break..."


That's okay.


After all, you are a nationally qualified


"Nurse'' who has passed the exam after taking more than many hours of classes and practical training.


So, it's okay.


If you have at least one year of experience as a nurse


You can take the course.




The course has 3 steps.



Easy web course...Junior


Can practice...certified


You can practice...Pro




With these 3 steps


Up to the basics of opening a business


The association and seniors from all over the country


We provide one-on-one support.



of course,


It is okay to apply one step at a time.




Return to the basics of nursing


This is a course where you can reaffirm the joy of nursing.


Classes begin on the first Saturday of every month.




Come on, you too.


Cuddling after giving birth


Connecting to smiles,


connect families,


Connecting to the region


A caring and supportive nursing profession.


Becoming a Nursing Doula®!!



The nursing profession is


In the “public health nurse midwife nurse law”


“Medical care” is defined as work.




In other words, the nursing profession


For families before and after childbirth


Close to your life


Can support both mind and body


He is a nationally qualified person.



here we go! you too!


Go out to the area


For families before and after childbirth


Would you like to bring a nurse's smile and peace of mind?




Nursing Doula


All your experience can be used


It's nursing.




Nursing Doula®


I can convey the joy of raising children


It's nursing.





Connecting to the region


Bringing smiles to family members,


Connecting to independence,



Like that,


Professional postpartum supporter


You can become a professional postpartum doula by


This is a nursing doula® training course.



here we go!


To all nursing professionals.


Would you like to become a Nursing Doula®?



International Nursing Doula® Association

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